Engaging Students Through a Media Assembly That Brings a Culture Of Hope


Don’t take our word for it – here’s what Principals & Teachers have to say:

“I really loved the show it’s an amazing show it’s got lots of relevant video clips, and news clips that are so key for our middle school students. We have been working really hard on trying to get them to be kind to each other and to respect diversity and to take responsibly and it was such an inspiring motivating show. So, I am hoping that the exposer they had today to it will continue in their classrooms going forward and I am hoping that I will actually see them making a concerted effort to walk the walk on things that they learned today jurying the show. So, thank you Motivational Media for coming to Spencer middle school.”

Jenifer Nixon

Acting Principal

Spencer Middle School

“Motivational Media was fabulous, the messages, the engagement, all the cool videos, the positive messages that were expressed. And the people’s true stories were so heartwarming and effective and I think everyone had an awesome experience. So, thank you Motivational Media!”

Tammy Orthner

Acting Vice Principal

Spencer Middle School

“The students were glued to the videos and the message”

David Smith


Langdon School

“The quality, the pace and the message were all outstanding!”

Sharon Cronin


Ecole Edwards Elementary School

“A wonderful multimedia experience relating to character education!”

Joe Maclsaac

Assistant Principal

Landing Trail Intermediate School

“Motivational Media provided a unique medium to present the message in a way that captured students’ attention.”

Colleen Woodger

ICNC Road Safety

Vancouver Island Region

 “Without me asking, I had students convey positive comments. One student said, “That was really good. I would watch it again but not sit on the floor.” Another student stated, “That was really inspiring. It makes me want to go out and do something good.”

Vic Daniels


Spencer Middle School

“On October 19, 2011, our school community had the opportunity to partake in the Motivational Media Presentation” Rise and Shine. We felt the presentation was very engaging and captured the attention of all age levels – from the students in grade two to the staff and parents. The messages were universal and were presented in a stimulating way with current video clips and music and lyrics that captured everyone’s attention. The use of repetition with the video clips ensured that a solid message was delivered and understood. Lindsay was well-organized in terms of the set-up and provided great connections for the students after the presentation.”

“When we think of how we should interact with people: welcoming, inclusive, respectful of learners, compassionate, just, and encouraging of a partnership; we believe the Rise and Shine presentation captured it all in a very relevant and engaging way. In a world full of so many mixed messages, we would highly recommend the Rise and Shine presentation as an effective  counterbalance and positive example of how we can all be servant leaders.”

St. Mary Catholic Elementary School

“I just want to say how wonderful & entertaining the presentation was. The students and staff all enjoyed it equally. to think that you were able to bring it to the school was even more impressive; a student commented, “It was like a movie theatre in our gym, only better”. Not often are we able to have an assembly that entertains, and accommodates the entire school from kindergarten to Grade 8.”

“The combining of applicable movies, music clips and personal life stories was dynamic. Having children delivering the message of “Togetherness” was very powerful. The presentation fits well with the Arcola Achievers Assembly that highlights a new virtue every month. Teachers were able to draw from the production as an example for discussion. I would recommend this type of presentation to anyone who wants to grab the attention of their audience.”
Pat Gwilliam

Community School Coordinator Arcola Community School

“We loved it, it was very energetic the kids got a great message out of it. It was a fun afternoon, and the kids have talked about it for sometime after that, which is great.” Would you recommend Motivational Media?

“Absolutely, absolutely, I think that the message that comes across is really clear, kids can understand it presented in such a way that the kids get excited about seeing their movie stars and parts of their movies. So it’s worthwhile.”
Lynda Whittam

Principal North Ridge Elementary School

Engaging Student Through a Media Assembly

Motivational Media Canada (MMC/MMA) is the international leader in all-school “assembly” events. Started in 1985, MMA productions have been viewed by over 51 million students in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and Taiwan. Featuring clips from today’s most popular movies, music videos, and incredible sports footage, MMC shows are generating the highest student responses to character-education and responsibility-improvement messages. We are succeeding because of our unsurpassed media content, and our messages. Hosting a 3 screen Motivational Media Assembly at your school is a great way to create some positive attitude. The visual aspects will be sure to grab everyone’s attention, and the message will form a lasting impression. Give us a call and bring our life-changing assembly events to your school today.

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